Stormer Leisure Boats

Stormer lifeboat

Stormer sold its private branch to our subsidiary Holland Sport Boat Centre in September 2023. Thus, Stormer Leisure Boats, an established name in the marine sector and known for its innovative recreational boats, has become the latest addition to NAUD’s portfolio. With the acquisition of this leisure boat branch, Holland Sport Boat Centre strengthens its position in the nautical sector, with a superb range of robust leisure boats, which we now manufacture ourselves.

Through the acquisition, Holland Sport Boat Centre has acquired the intellectual property of the advanced technologies and designs of Stormer Leisure Boats, including the Lifeboats, Tugboats and Runners. With this, Holland Sport Boat Centre acquires a key position in the construction of electrically powered recreational boats. With the acquisition, we continue Stormer Leisure Boats’ high quality standards in terms of materials, technology and performance on all fronts.

Stormer’s private customer base in the capital is considerable and this move returns the sloops and other leisure boats of the originally Amsterdam-based company to their roots. Because the Holland Sport Service Centre is in the Nautix area developed by NAUD, many Amsterdam Stormer owners can now get service and maintenance close to home.

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