Commited to creating memorable moments and inspiring places, guided by water.

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In water we trust

NAUD thrives on water. We develop inspiring projects near and on the water, operate whirling marinas and invest in creative companies with a nautical heart.

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Who we are


Our background is in nautical entrepreneurship and project development. This is who we are.

Jaap Schippers

Jaap Schippers


Stephane Cohnen

Stéphane Cohnen


At NAUD, creativity, fun and entrepreneurship blend seamlessly. We don't do boring. With our developments and ventures, we create unforgettable moments for everyone. For this, water is the perfect starting point.

We looove water. Water connects, surprises, delights. Water also offers plenty of opportunities for cool projects. That's why it's the source of all our ventures. We develop sites and build companies that bring water and people together. Because water creates that special vibe.

NAUD stands for nautical. In the nautical world, NAUD is the smart boy of the class. You want to become friends with NAUD, because with NAUD there is always something going on. NAUD is fun, adventure. For NAUD, getting your feet wet is something positive, an opportunity to be seized. Care to join?