E-Harbour Amstelkwartier

E-Harbour Amstelkwartier is the first zero-emission marina realized in the Netherlands. E-Harbour is a marina concept that fully contributes to the transition to electric boating. The marina at this location is ideally suited for Amsterdam-based shipping companies in the tourism sector. The operation and ownership of this marina passed to Tourism Group Holding in 2021.

E-Harbour Amstelkwartier has 65 berths for electrically powered passenger vessels such as sloops, salon boats and tour boats up to a maximum length of 20 meters. For commercial boat charterers, E-Harbour Amstelkwartier is a safe haven with excellent facilities to support their business operations. The marina also has a number of berths specifically for floating storage and supply stations.

Charging a large number of electrically powered vessels simultaneously requires a very powerful electricity infrastructure. E-Harbour has the best charging facilities to quickly and fully charge any type of vessel. The charging station can be easily operated with the AanUit.net app.

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