Pep Charge Solutions

Pep supplies and installs charging poles for electric boats and cars to municipalities, companies and individuals, and in the process arranges the placement, management and maintenance. Thanks to a smart operating model, Pep earns from the power consumption of the Pep pole, allowing it to be placed cost-free.

Pep supplies these charging stations primarily for electric cars. There are more and more of them, so as a company you can’t really do without a good charging option in front of the door, for visitors or employees. Pep realizes them, without requiring any in-depth investment from the applicant.

Moreover, Pep is the first provider of charging stations for e-boats. There are more and more of these too. It is no coincidence that more and more municipalities, as well as water sports clubs, vacation parks, hotels, tourist attractions, apartment complexes, catering establishments and private individuals are requesting a Pep pole for boats.

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