Nautix Amsterdam

Amsterdam may have a reputation as a water city, but there was not yet a nautical neighborhood. With Nautix, that has changed. On Zeeburgereiland, near IJburg, Naud is developing the capital’s nautical quarter, which will include a large-scale office program, restaurants, a modern marina and other nautical activities.

The first phase of the construction of the nautical quarter has been completed; Nautix Marina and the parking lot are in use, the Service Centre of Holland Sport Boat Centre is operational and the cafe-restaurant, Hangar Oost is already running at full capacity.

The next phase of development involves the construction of the large triangular site and a floating building in the water. This will make Nautix an area where business and leisure come together. Nautical and other companies will settle there because of its location on the water, close to the city center and important arterial roads. And happy people will settle there for relaxation, because of the maritime vacation vibe in their own city.

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